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The Book That Started It All

Before there were t-shirts.  Before there was a multimedia platform.  Before there was anything else, there was the book.  From the second Exist No More: The Art of Squeezing the Most Out of Life launched, it was a conversation starter.  Topping Amazon’s charts on the day it launched, Exist No More was a top 10 “Best Seller” and “Hot New Release” in two categories: “Creativity and Genius” as well as “Career Guides.”  In addition, celebrities like Kevin Hart and Shaquille O’Neal took to social media to talk about the book and spread the manifesto.  The wave of impact created by the book caused first-time author, Detavio Samuels to rethink how big the Exist No More platform could be.  Without wasting any time, he launched EXIST NO MORE as a personal inspiration company with the purpose of unleashing greatness in all of us.

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In “Exist No More!,” Samuels challenges us to squeeze every fabulous thing we can out of life. The tone of the book is so encouraging that you’ll feel like you have your own personal life coach sitting next to you. I’ve already decided that this book will be required reading for the students in my Happiness college course, as Samuels does a great job of helping you figure out how to define happiness and greatness for yourself.  
Bianca C. Williams, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies, University of Colorado Boulder