The Secret to Success


The Secret to Success

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” We love everything about this video.  Watch it.  Trust us.  You won’t regret a minute.


Dame Dash’s Speaks on His Personal Philosophy

In this video, Dame Dash drops some bombs as it relates to being a boss, investing your own money in your businesses, and the pain associated with chasing your dreams. There is nothing good without struggle.  In all of my experiences, there hasn’t been one thing that has been successful without me feeling some kind[…..]


Stop Asking For Permission

We love this quote.  Why ask, when you can do?  View it. Steal it. Share it.

Screw Weaknesses 19Jan

Screw Weaknesses

One of the most loved chapters in Detavio Samuels’, Exist No More: The Art of Squeezing the Most Out of Life, is Screw Weaknesses.  In it, Detavio argues that society’s desired to focus on weaknesses is an antiquated model because our strengths are all that matter.  Detavio writes: Spending too much time on your areas[…..]


We Are All Born Originals

You are great the way you are!



If this collection of motivational speeches doesn’t get you motivated for the new year, we are not sure what will!


You Are The One That Defines You

Society has labeled her as the “World’s Ugliest Woman,” but she defines herself differently.


How Bad Do You Want It?

In this video, basketball stars, KD and Bron Bron, show us that the person who wants it the most is the person that works the hardest.


There’s Fire Inside You

Quote by Detavio Samuels. View It. Steal It. Share It.


Create Yourself

Quote by George Bernard Shaw. View It. Steal It. Share It.