You Are The One That Defines You

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You Are The One That Defines You

THE BAD: She can’t see out of one eye.  Her body won’t allow her to weigh more than 65lbs.  She’s been labeled by society as the “World’s Ugliest Woman;” so much so that strangers have suggested she put a gun to her head and kill herself.

THE GOOD:   Lizzie Velasquez isn’t concern with what other people say.  While most people are concerned with what Lizzie DOESN’T have (sight, weight, etc), Lizzie is commitment to focusing what she DOES bring to the table.  In this inspirational video Lizzie urges us to ignore society and choose for ourselves what defines us.  And when the haters and the “side eyes” come, Lizzie advises us to “use the negativity to light your fire and keep going.”

SCORE: Lizzie 1: Haters 0

Check out Lizzie’s video.  If you’re short on time, skip to the 8:35 mark.

Tags: beauty, ENM mindset, Lizzie Velasquez, self-perception, ted, tedx, world's ugliest woman


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