Screw Weaknesses

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Screw Weaknesses

Screw Weaknesses

One of the most loved chapters in Detavio Samuels’, Exist No More: The Art of Squeezing the Most Out of Life, is Screw Weaknesses.  In it, Detavio argues that society’s desired to focus on weaknesses is an antiquated model because our strengths are all that matter.  Detavio writes:

Spending too much time on your areas of weakness is a poor investment strategy; 
excelling in life is all that matters.
People hire for greatness. When is the last time you saw a job description from an employer who was looking for someone who was just “okay” at something? Chances are, you haven’t. Job descriptions like that do not exist because people are not 
looking for “so-so,” they are searching for mastery. People want to hire you 
because of what you are the best in the world at doing, not the worst. Consequently, if you have one additional hour to invest in yourself, nine out of ten times that hour will be best used by focusing on an area where you already excel —or have the potential for excellence. You separate yourself from the pack by moving from being good to great, not from bad to okay.

You can download the rest of the chapter, here, on his blog.

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